The town (Tehsil) name Piplan itself, was given historically before the India-Pakistan partition in 1947. Many Hindus used to live in Piplan and the proper name of this small town was Peepul or Peepul wala (Peepul: fig tree, regarded as sacred by both Hindus and Buddhists, who call it a "bo tree”). Later, after the partition of 1947, the name was changed to Peepul-Aan, now written as Piplan. Many people say the tree was located near to the main railway station of Piplan, however the tree has been cut down.[citation needed] 1947 Massacre of Hindus; There was a huge massacre of the Hindu residents who decided to flee the area after partition in 1947. They all had gatherd at the station and were waiting for the train, suddenly struck by the locals with guns and arms, they were all killed in less than an hour, all the dead bodies numbering hundreds were buried in a well near the station. The well still exists but is filled with sand and beneath it lies the dead bodis of the doommed Hindus and sikhs. PAF Jet Air Crash A PAF Jet that was on its routine patrolling mission on Friday 29th of May 2009 crashed into the very adjacent constituency of Musa Wali at a school teacher Amir Joya’s home.Luckily no one was home at that time just the cattle at home were exterminated. Eight people including women were injured who were taken to the nearby hospital. Both the pilots survived the crash but were found unconscious near the crash site as they had ejected just at eleventh hour. After first aid from the nearby private clinic they were discharged and were in a better condition then

Geography and Environment

Latitude:32.2867, Longitude:71.3664
Altitude (feet) 610,(meters)185
Time zone: UTC+5

Politics and Administration

Mianiwali district is divided into 56 union councils, of these 14 are under part of the Piplan administration. These are: Alluwali, Chak No 7 ML at Hafizwala, Dabb Balouchan, Doaba, Gujrat, Hernoli (RURAL), Hernoli (URBAN), Khola AT Khanqah Sirajia, Kundian -II, Kundian (RURAL), Kundian-I, Piplan, Tibba Mehrban Shah, Vichvin Bala.
Famous Personalities


1. AL-Hajj Peer-i-Tareekat Peeran-i-Peer Mujahid Namoos-e-Sahaba Maulana Mazhar Qayyum Sahab Noorullah Marqad.

2. Mufti Imran Ahmed Ansari (Religious Scholar)

3. Sahebzada Allama Riaz Mahmood (Fazil Bareli)


4. Rana Muhammad Saeed (Advocate)

5. Mohammad Gulzar Rana (Accounts Management-Dubai UAE)

6. Jamshed Rehman Khan(Artical Writer in New York Times)

7. Rana Tariq Ali Khan (Social Management – ISB)


8. Dr. Rana Ihsan ul Haq Khan MBBS,FCPS, MD (Young Doctor in USA)

9. Dr. Capt. Muhammad Rehman (Retd)

10.Dr. Mohammad Jahangir Malik (Eye Specialist)

11.Dr. Capt. Muhhammad Shakir Malik

12.Dr. Aziz Jahan Khan (Late)

13.Dr.Captain Fahad Rehman Khattak(Army Medical Core)


14.Rana Muhammad Akbar (Businessman)

15.Rana Sarfraz Ahmed (Businessman, Duabi UAE)


16.Ch. Mohammad Idrees Khan (Late), Ex-ADEO, Ex-Headmaster

17.Rana Ja’fer Ali Ashufta (Late), Ex Headmaster

18.Prof. Rana Sarbuland Khan (Retd)

19.Malik Ghulam Haider(Ex Headmaster)

20.Malik Mohammad Aslam Manjhota (E.D.0)


21.Sardar Sibtain Khan (Ex Minister)

22.Rana Zafar Saeed (Politician)

23.Rana Tariq Mahmood, Chairman PSC, Ex Chairman Town

24.Sardar Sherdil Khan Kilya Khel (Ex Chairman Town)

25.Sardar Abdul Rauf Khan (Nazim Piplan City)

26.Rana Anwar ul Haq Khan (Politician/social worker)

27.Sayed Naseer Shah Zafar (Politician/social worker)
Business and Trade

Agriculture is the main source of income, although between 1957-1982 there was a textile mills owned by Kohinoor Textile Mills in operation which employed around 3000people in Piplan. After the closure of the mill in Oct – 82 unemployment increased in the area.

There are four fuel filling stations, two of them owned and operated by Rana Muhammad Akbar. Mr. Akbar also established a Non-Profitable educational institution by the name of "Tehsil Public School”. The school is providing quality education to the children of the area.

The city has a hustling bustling ghalla mandi having around 45 business establishments. There are three markets or bazars for daily grocery and other shopping needs of the area people.

Famous businessmen of the area are Shaikh Safdar, Rana Anwar ul Haq, Khalid Khan, Rana Khalid Mahmoud, Malik Akhtar Kundi, Rana Nouman, Rao Aftab, Naseer Shah, Rana Israr Munna (Green Shoping), Rana Inam ul Haq (Al Aziz Book Centre) Khadim Islam Khan, Zubair Dabbas, Shaikh Munir and Khan Muhammad (Dubai Shopping). A number of businessmen have a reputation of honesty and integrity.

The main markets for procurement of goods to sell in local market are in Sargodha, Faisalabad, Lahore, and Karachi. For imported goods, the consumers have to travel to those markets personally. Almost everything is available in reach of the consumers in short time.

Piplan lies in the irrigated zone of Pakistan. There are two main seasons Rabi (October-March) and Kharif (April-September). Rabi crops included wheat, rape seed/mustard and pulses. During Kharif season the crops include groundnuts (peanuts). Sugarcane is grown throughout the year.

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